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Press releases2020/06/18

Indonesia, known as the country of thousands of islands, is located in Southeast Asia, across the equator. It is beautiful because it has tens of millions of islands! But the power supply on these islands has always plagued the country.

The remote location and wide distribution of the island means that the generator sets are vital to the supply of electricity. It is reported that there are 4 sets of high-voltage 10.5KV diesel generator set BF-M2500HV and control system with automatic startup and parallel operation of 2000kW on Balikbapan island in Indonesia. All gensets are installed and maintained by BAIFA, which is the main power station on the island. This means that the generator set operates at its original power for 45000 hours or more.

In 2013, Allen from our sales team visited customers on the island together  with our Indonesian distributors, who have a close cooperative relationship with BAIFA. "It's great to see our BAIFA gensets provide the necessary power to the island and it's good to see the gensets work for 30-40000 hours," he said.

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