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Gas generator set

BAIFA gas generator sets are designed according to the world environmental protection requirement and the new market environment. Natural gas generator set has the advantages of strong reliability of start and operation, advanced quality of output, lightweight, simple maintenance and low frequency noise. Gas generator sets replace the traditional nonrenewable fuel, built for safer and convenient operation, cost efficiency, low pollution emission, and more suitable for electric installations, etc.

Product standards
ISO3046, ISO4001 ISO8525, IEC34-1, GB1105, GB/T2820, CSH22-2, VDE & 0530 YD/T 502-2000 (communication special technical requirements 
of the gas generator).
1.Advanced and certified gas engines, specially designed for optimizing gas application. The design of the combustion chamber ensures the most 
efficient performance.
2.The alternator Made by world famous brand to maximize performance and reliability.
3.The mixed gas cooler Cooler has a large surface area to improve engine performance and heat utilization.

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