Why Baifa
Baifapower provides over staff with fantastic job experience, job benefit which aim to develop every of our individual to enhance their industrial professional knowledge and career.
These benefits including:
Reward and Recognition Programs
Baifa reward and recognize employees who have demonstrated outstanding performance and displayed a commitment to the vision, values and behaviors of our business.
Friendly and Flexible workplace
The company actively promotes a fun; friendly and environmental work culture, with an emphasis on teamwork and identity. The company also encourages employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
Length of Service Awards
Our people are our most vital business asset, and it’s through their commitment to excellence that we can realize our vision of being Baifa people. To formally recognise these staff, Baifapower hr development program, we offer longer annual leave time, annual rewards, job rotation and promotion.
Ongoing Training and Development
Baifapower has a strong commitment to training and development opportunities, as demonstrated through the wide range of internal/external training courses to develop industrial professional knowledge and help to achieve certain industrial certificate.
Social activity
In Baifa, we run varies of activities per year inside and outside our company to enrich staff job and nonjob life style, through those activities we commit our social responsibility to our society.
Our concern to employees
We concerns our employees welfare and their family, by supporting financial solutions to employees health care, life insurance, housing allowance, transportation allowance and retirement insurance.
Company Funded Parental Leave
Baifa is proud to offer paid parental leave to eligible employees. 
Multi-place job experience
We have distributor around country, our employees provided with multi location job opportunities to learn different market and enhance job skills. 

for more information, please contact hr@baifapower.com

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