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■ Alternator: Four-pole brushless self-excited system, H insulatiothe voltage regulation will be 1%. If PMG system is selected, the voltage regulation will be 0.5%, and at the same time PMG system provides high motor starting capacity as well as immunity to waveform distortion on the main stator output created by non-line loads.

■ Control Panel: Be mounted on common base, separated with engine ,or mounted on alternator through vibration absorber with complete operation and protection system.

■ Air Bweaker: easy to operate and connection with highreliability.

■ Base Tank: Capacity is over 8 hours , making fuel system more perfect and is exempted to installation in scene which is special adapt to small machinery room and movable generator (BAIFA base tank is installed fuel cooling device).

■ Absorber: Weaken the generator vibrating effectively in order to protect generators' parts and lengthen the lifetime (BAIFA engineers have made hundreds of tests to assure absorber decreasing generator vibration as well as keeping enough strength and avoiding transverse impact when transporting.

■ Common Base: The material steel Base is easy to lift and move. The surface is powercoated and anti-rusted.

■ Air Filter: Dry type ,with resistance indicator which supplies instruction of maintenance and replace

■ Engine: electric injection EP type for generating. Use water cooled diesel engine with low exhaust, low noisy, low fuel emission and high reliability.

■ Radiator: With fan and safe quard.


■ The third generation of BAIFA soundproof generating sets has well improved in design. Soundproof canopy are guaranteed to have at least 30% noise level reduction compare to open type generator at FULL load. example: BF-C550 open type noise level 109dB(A) >BF-C550s soundproof canopy type noise level 72dB(A) significant change from very loud to moderate loud or some in normal conversation noise (as tested).

■ All series of soundproof generator sets can be lifted from eye lifting hooks on the top.

■ The structure is more compact, the built-in muffter makes the noise lower.

■ No traditional under base air intake design, which can avoid dusts and other impurities inhalation and enlarge the area of air intake and discharge.

■ Separated output cable box, easy for cable connections (especially for field construction and rental power solution).

■ Better seal and air intake and discharge ventilation design means better rain and dust proof, better paint chemical and thichness means better anti-rusty performance.

■ An emergency stop button is installed outside the box for easy operation.

■ The inside of the box is treated with efficient flame-retardant sound-absorbing materials.

■ Canopy color: milky white (RAL 9001), pure white (RAL 9003), pigeon blue (PANTONE 16-4134TPX), ocean blue (RAL 5000), signature red (RAL 3002), opal green (PANTONE 328C), off-white (PANTONE 421C).


■ Steal plate spring suspension system equipped with mechanic hand breaking and trailer sync air braking system contacted with tractor.

■ Adopt adjustable bolted to adjust trailer height, suitable for different trucks.

■ Four mechanical Supporting legs around the trailer, operating platform in three sides of trailer, footplate at the end of the trailer.

■ Equipped with direction indicator light, braking light.

■ The whole trailer can be lifted from the top-lifting handle. 6.Optional cable


■ Manufacture and design gen-set's container according to ISO container standards, gen-sets below 1250kva adopt 20ft container and above 1250kva adopt 40'ft container.

■ Container with CSC/CCS certificate, the complete containerized gen-sets can be directly carried by Cargo ship.

■ BAIFA container is painted with high stiffness and anti-rusty polyurethane paint; also the chose of shape stainless steel makes it superior mechanism structural quality compare to ordinary container.

■ Two anti-explosion led lights fixed inside of container and control panel, design for maintenance and operation. 5.Front and back doors, two side doors and ladder on each side, designed for easier access and maintenance.

■ BAIFA container gen-set is patent for its oil/water/diesel leakage free and recycling system.

■ All hinges, locks, screws are stainless steel, inside of the container fixed with anti sea water/rainproof accessories.

■ Fix with control panel and output panel.

■ FIX PMG (Permanent magnet Generator) as standard, which ensure the gen-sets, can be started easily and offer stable power.

■ BAIFA designed Fuel tank. Fuel supply drains, external auto refuelling outer joint, and muffler, etc, are well appreciated by our clients.

■ Our high performance soundproof material is durable, efficient and flameproof.

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